• The all-rounder: 2U RI2208

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  • LES v2 - multi-talented and efficient

    Economical server impresses in every way:

    This little all-rounder offers many advantages for your business!

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  • Whatever is possible, that's what we will do. Whatever we do,
    we do it for you.

    We stand for

    individual server solutions

  • What we think, we say.
    What we say,
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    We stand for

    individual server solutions

  • We stand for

    Service made

    in Germany.

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The vision: to create a brand with a strong recognition value. A brand connected with the characteristics of Thomas-Krenn.AG. A brand that is successful both nationally and internationally.


What was once a dream, became reality in 2013. Together with our partners Xortex and filoo, Thomas-Krenn.Group offers its customers the highest standards and best know-how in the areas of servers, hosting and e-business.