CAD workstations

CAD workstations

Utmost performance for your business

Whether aerospace, architecture or automotive – the right hardware can speed up your developments: Do you design technical processes, plan buildings or simulate movements with the help of CAD software? If so, you'll need powerful CAD workstations to optimally support you and your company!

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Workstation Intel single-CPU TI104W+
Compact high-performance workstation, up to 4 hot-swap HDDs and 5 add-on cards
Up to: 1x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4
CPU cores: 22
4x HDD(s)
40 TB (Gross)
2x 1Gbit/s LAN
5x FP/LP/ FL add-on card(s)
red. NT (opt.)

starting at 1,399 
Workstation Intel single-CPU TI106W

Whisper-quiet entry workstation, M.2 SATA SSD, up to 6 HDDs


Up to: 1x Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (7th Generation)
CPU cores: 2-4
6x HDD(s)
4x add-on card(s)

starting at 499 
Workstation Intel Dual-CPU TI208W
High-end workstation, 7x full-profile add-on cards, 4x PCIe x16 graphic cards
Up to: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4
CPU cores: 4-22
8x HDD(s)
7x add-on card(s)
red. NT

starting at 3,475 
Workstation Intel Single-CPU TI108W
All-rounder workstation, up to 5 add-on cards and 8 HDDs
Up to: 1x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4 (4-22 cores)
8x 3.5" / 16x 2.5" Hot Swap HDDs
80 TB (Gross)
2x 1Gbit/s LAN
5x FP// FL add-on card(s)
red. NT (opt.)

starting at 1,485 
2U Intel dual-CPU RI2206 server
Up to 4 GPUs at 2U
Up to: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4
CPU cores: 4-22
6x HDD(s)
8x add-on card(s)
red. NT
instead of 3,299 
starting at 2,725 


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Thoroughly tested, perfectly optimized

High-performance CAD workstations have become an essential part of the workplace as conventional PCs lack the power needed to meet various technical requirements. Constructions must be tested, 3D-models created and new products developed. Without the correct CAD software, this is hardly possible – but this won’t help without the corresponding hardware.

Are you looking for the perfect workstation for your CAD/CAE application? Our experts have designed a series of CAD workstations with the demanding requirements of this area in mind. All components are selected for maximum compatibility and tested with Windows and several Linux distributions. Whether the engineering, construction or planning sector – our hardware can be used in any of these areas.

The CAD workstations stand out with their extreme performance and utmost reliability. They allow you to take on most complex applications and optimally support your creativity. Speed, performance and high-quality components are in all of our systems – guaranteed! 

Optimized hardware for CAD software

The CAD workstations from Thomas-Krenn, however, also deliver additional highlights: Configuration options include up to seven full profile add-on cards, high-performance graphics cards from NVIDIA’s Quadro series and the latest CPU technology from Intel – our systems offer you maximum flexibility and numerous expandability options. With the energy-efficient power supplies and special silent fans, you will hardly notice your new workstation – even when operating under maximum load.

SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA® and Nemetschek Allplan® are just a few of the CAD applications that run seamlessly on our CAD-optimized workstations. Here, you are sure to find the right hardware for your innovative projects.  
And, if not? Get in touch with us: We would be happy to advise you and find a customized solution for you! 

Configure your high-performance workstation for CAD software now!  

   CAD software


Our workstations are compatible with numerous CAD programs and therefore ideal for your needs. In this category, you'll find a description of the various CAD software solutions that run seamlessly on our CAD workstations.


Graphics cards


Only powerful graphics cards from the NVIDIA Quadro K and M series are used in our workstations to ensure the seamless use of CAD software. Technical information and other notes on these series are available in the “Graphics card” category.


Thomas-Krenn.AG supports municHMotorsports:

High-end hardware meets high-performance racing cars

As part of a cooperation with Thomas-Krenn.AG, municHMotorsport, the Formula Student team at the University of Munich, has the opportunity to use one of Thomas-Krenn.AG's new CAD workstations. It allows us to simulate the overall aerodynamic concept for our gas-powered model, the PW 9.15, and our electric car, the PWe 6.15, using various CFD tools. Furthermore, the cooling of the high-voltage battery and other car components can be designed for extreme situations on the racetrack with the aid of the workstation. This was not possible with the previous hardware. The requirements in terms of graphics performance and memory were only met by the Thomas-Krenn workstation.




Besides the creation of renderings and high-resolution images for our presentations and documentation, we use the workstation for the real-time networking and reverse engineering of 3D coordinate measuring. All of these applications give us the necessary edge to achieve top results in the highly-competitive engineering competition Formula Student.

The new high-end hardware from Thomas-Krenn.AG allows us to perfect our vehicles using state-of-the-art software tools, which is exactly what we need to compete among the elite levels of Formula Student.



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