Low energy systems
Low energy systems

Our all-rounder for any application

Energy-saving, versatile servers are a plus for every IT environment. With our Low Energy systems, that is exactly what you get: economic, silent, efficient hardware with numerous interfaces. Learn more about our LES series! 

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Small servers with numerous possibilities

Our Low Energy Servers are true all-rounders. Fanless and without any moving parts, they are not only at home in a data center, but can be used in industrial environments as well. Or, since they are silent, in offices. The small LES v2 is ideal for mobile use and can be ordered with TKmon pre-installed. The versatile mini-server can be used as a firewall, thin client or SMS gateway along with a wide range of other possible applications. 

Should you require more power, the Low Energy Server LI3Z might be the right choice for you: It is often used to monitor large IT infrastructures, recording and processing comprehensive data logs or as a groupware server at smaller companies. The LI3Z can even be used as a workplace PC thanks to its silent operation. Whichever version you choose: The Low Energy systems with the LES v2 and LES LI3Z are suitable for diverse environments and offer a number of advantages for you.

Our small powerful servers are perfect for rougher settings, yet feel right at home in offices and can be tailored to your exact requirements. In other words: They are perfect for anyone who expects big things from their new, small server.

Save energy with Low Energy Servers

All of our Low Energy Servers are efficient, but the LES v2 stands out from the others in this category: At less than 14 Watts of power consumption, the mini-server requires about as much energy as a small low-energy light bulb! With our Low Energy systems, you can say goodbye to high energy costs, benefit from outstanding performance and flexibility and even help preserve the environment – what more could you want?

Since there are no fans in these systems, they do not emit any distracting noise. They emit very little heat and are impervious to dust and dirt. The COM ports, space-saving dimensions and high-performance processors make the Low Energy systems a unique supplement to your IT infrastructure. We could say much more about these devices, but you don’t need to take our word for it: Try the features of our Low Energy Servers yourself – you won’t be disappointed!