Zero / Thin Clients

Thin and zero clients

Ideal for any workplace

An increasing number of companies are using thin or zero clients to equip their workplaces. This is no surprise, as these systems are a smart, affordable and energy-efficient alternative to PCs for many offices. This page lists the thin and zero clients we offer.

Zero Client Rangee Z-Series

Zero Client Rangee Z-Series
  • Ideal for office use, due to its very compact design
  • Suitable for accessing virtual desktops via PCoIP (VMware View)
  • Dual-Monitor-Mode (2x DVI), optional Quad-Monitoring (4x DVI)
  • Completely silent (fanless)
  • Extremely energy efficient (max. 9W)


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279.00 €


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Using thin clients

Thin clients and zero clients are compact – they have no fans nor any hard drives. As a result, they are very quiet and therefore ideal systems for use in offices. Since thin clients only access a central server, the use of expensive hardware is significantly reduced and local software installations are no longer needed. This results in a much lower administrative burden as most actions, such as updates, can be managed centrally from the server. With the lack of hard drives and other components, thin and zero clients have a low maintenance requirement and are highly reliable. Thin clients are also ideally suited for terminal server environments and virtual desktop infrastructures.