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PCs have to meet various requirements to be considered viable office or business PCs. Powerful, space-saving designs and low noise volumes are just a few of the most important aspects that business computers must fulfill. At Thomas-Krenn, you'll find a selection of PCs and thin clients (or zero clients) that are optimally suited for use in offices. Business PCs are specifically designed for continuous operation and are therefore equipped for a variety of enterprise applications. Standardized and platform-stable, our business PCs have many advantages compared to ordinary consumer systems. These powerful personal computers, which can easily handle 8 straight hours of operation, are also characterized by energy-efficient designs. The use of business systems can therefore save energy and reduce costs. This makes them the perfect for use in your office. Every business PC is equipped with an Intel Sandy Bridge CPU and comes with 1x DVI port, 1x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI port for dual monitor operations.

This category also includes: our thin clients/zero clients. These are systems that are dependent on the help of other computers in order to run applications. Due to their decreased administrative burden and very affordable prices, these devices are particularly suited for employees. Thin clients are also especially energy-efficient which makes them ideal for use in the office. They require less computing power and less hardware which leads to lower operational costs. For those looking to save energy, thin clients are optimal.

All of our high-quality business PCs and thin clients can be found in this section. To help preserve your liquidity, Thomas-Krenn.AG offers attractive leasing offers that are worth checking out. Plus: Individual configurations for these systems are also possible. Should you have any questions on the various components or combinations of business PCs and zero clients, our sales representatives would be happy to help.

Our Bestsellers

Are you looking for a really good server? Our bestsellers are the servers that are most popular with our customers.

LES v2
LES v2
starting at 249.00 €
Business PC PI3D  [Ver.2.0]
Business PC PI3D [Ver.2.0]
starting at 259.00 €
starting at 499.00 €
Business PC PI6T
Business PC PI6T
starting at 319.00 €
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Welches System für welche Anforderung?

Business PCs

Business PCs sind speziell für den dauerhaften Betrieb konzipiert und eignen sich somit für verschiedenste Anwendungen in Unternehmen. Standardisiert, energieeffizient und mit hochwertigen Komponenten ausgestattet haben unsere Business PCs viele Vorteile gegenüber gewöhnlichen Consumer Systemen. Die leistungsstarken Personal Computer, die dem Dauerbetrieb von acht Stunden und mehr ohne Weiteres gewachsen sind, zeichnen sich zudem durch lange Produktzyklen und energieeffiziente Bauweisen aus. Dadurch können beim Betrieb von Business PCs Energie gespart und Kosten gesenkt werden. 

Thin und Zero Clients

Reduzierter Verwaltungsaufwand und die günstigen Anschaffungskosten sind ebenso wichtige Vorteile von Thin Clients wie die kompakte Bauweise und die schnelle Integration neuer Arbeitsplätze. Zudem benötigen Thin und Zero Clients weniger Rechnerleistung und weniger Hardware, günstigere Betriebskosten sind die Folge. Gerade wenn viele Arbeitsplätze administriert werden müssen, sind Thin oder Zero Clients deshalb besonders geeignet.   

Eine individuelle Konfiguration ist bei Business PCs und Thin Clients ebenso problemlos möglich, wie bei allen anderen Systemen in unserem Portfolio. Sollten Sie Fragen zu den unterschiedlichen Komponenten und Kombinationen unserer Business PCs oder Thin/Zero Clients haben, helfen Ihnen unsere Vertriebsmitarbeiter gerne weiter.