Workstations for CAD software

Workstations for CAD software

Numerous options for companies

Our workstations were specifically designed for use with various CAD solutions. Thanks to our high-quality hardware, you no longer need to worry about compatibility issues. Learn more about the CAD programs our systems are optimized for.  

The following CAD software can be run on our workstations:



ArchiCAD is a CAD program for architects that is specifically designed for construction plans. It is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and uses 3D-supported functions. Your planning processes will be considerably faster thanks to ArchiCAD.




With its specialized extensions, AutoCAD is ideal for engineers, geoinformatics professionals, building technicians, designers and architects. The vector-based drafting editor represents model objects in 3D and is very intuitive to use.



Autodesk Inventor

Do you want to display mechanical movements or processes as video sequences? Do you need a CAD program that is specifically tailored to mechanical designs? If so, Autodesk Inventor is an excellent choice. The CAD software is optimized for a wide variety of tasks including product design, building design and engineering.




Regardless which version of BricsCAD™ you use, our workstations are up to the task. In contrast to most 3D modelling programs, BricsCAD™ supports Linux and is compatible with AutoCAD thanks to the DWG format.




Our CAD workstations are optimized to run CATIA® software. With this professional program, users can model any product and let the program derive the two-dimensional drawing without any additional effort.




FreeCAD is a parametric, open source CAD program. It represents a free alternative for 3D technical designers and architects to commercial products like Solid Edge, CATIA® and SOLIDWORKS®. 



HiCAD is a modular 2D/3D system that, like MegaCAD, offers various expansions for everything from mechanical engineering to steelwork or sheet metal work. Complex, cross-industry projects can be easily implemented with HiCAD. 




The CAD program MegaCAD is available in many versions. Regardless of which version you use with our systems, MegaCAD is the ideal 2D/3D software for freeform drawing and modeling thanks to its specialized solutions for a variety of sectors.



Nemetschek Allplan®

Engineers and creative planners take note: Our CAD workstations are perfectly optimized for the Nemetschek software solution Allplan®. Your architectural designs can be easily realized with this building information modeling program.  



Solid Edge

The hybrid 2D/3D CAD software Solid Edge targets designers who value speed and efficiency. The flexible modeling system uses specialized Synchronous Technology that allows changes to the model to be implemented much faster than usual.




Would you like to implement your ideas with the help of 3D designs and advance your project development?
Our workstations have been optimized for SOLIDWORKS® engineering software: Allowing you to focus exclusively on implementing, planning and modifying your ideas.


CAD software for architects, creative planners, engineers, designers...

Computer aided design and the associated CAD software has become an essential part of the engineering and design world: Who draws up plans without a computer these days? What once was the norm, has quickly become the exception. Modeling can be done so much faster, as well as with greater detail and cost-effectiveness, with computers than was ever possible with the traditional pen and paper. Even 3D models are possible thanks to modern CAD software.

CAD programs are widely used in various industries – such as architecture, electrical engineering and the automotive industry. If you have already decided on a CAD program, but are still looking for the right hardware, Thomas-Krenn has the solution you need. We will provide the right workstation for your CAD software. Regardless of which program you use or what environment you work in, we have the right system for your needs.

Our workstations were specifically designed for CAD software. For instance, we use high-performance graphics cards from the NVIDIA Quadro series and powerful CPUs from Intel to ensure the optimal configuration of your CAD hardware.

CAD workstations for every sector

With the CAD workstations from Thomas-Krenn, CAD software runs the way it was meant to as our systems have been specifically designed for use with these graphics-intensive products. Our workstations have been optimized for all of the CAD programs listed on this page. This means you will never have to worry about compatibility problems with our systems.

Do you use a CAD program that is not listed on this page? In most cases, other programs can also be run on our hardware, since these often have very similar hardware requirements. However, we would be happy to find a solution for your requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also note that the minimum system requirements for CAD software listed on manufacturer websites are often much lower than what is needed for optimal performance. Resource-intensive tasks like rendering are often not considered when creating these minimum requirements. That is why our workstations offer much more than the minimum specifications, so that you can enjoy the full functionality of your CAD program.