Monitoring Plugins

... Our Gift to You

Along with our support for numerous open source projects, we also develop open source software ourselves at Thomas-Krenn. In addition to TKmon and TKperf, this includes monitoring plugins for Icinga.

One of these monitoring plugins is the IPMI plugin. It allows the monitoring systems Icinga and Nagios to monitor the hardware status of a server. The sensors monitored include fan speed, temperature, electric voltages and PSU performance.

With the GPU plugin we developed, NVIDIA GPU hardware can be monitored. The plugin provides detailed information on the graphic card's current status. This includes information like temperature, power usage, ECC errors, fan speed and memory utilization.
A third plugin that we have developed is the Clamscan plugin. It lets users evaluate a log file from the anti-virus program Clamscan. The plugin provides detailed status information. This includes information on whether Clamscan is running, notes on the last scan and any viruses found.

Thomas-Krenn also has plugins for RAID controllers and hard drives/SSDs. A plugin was developed for LSI and Adaptec controllers as part of a university student project. If you use Intel SSDs in our servers, you can check these for SMART errors by using "check-smart-attributes".

You can find detailed installation instructions in our Thomas-Krenn wiki.