Enterprise open source monitoring with Icinga

All resources in the (virtual) network
Icinga is an enterprise class open source monitoring system that monitors all of a networks resources, including servers, routers, switches and services and can send notifications via e-mail, SMS or phone call when problems arise. Due to its flexible architecture, Icinga is expandable with numerous add-ons.


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The highlights of Icinga

Monitoring:  Icinga can monitor anything that supplies measurable values on your network (servers, operating systems, switches, routers, printers, applications, etc.). Currently, more than 2,500 plugins are available for use. 
Alarms & notifications: Icinga can notify you when your freely definable thresholds have been crossed via e-mail, SMS, phone call or scripted event (e.g. script calls, SNMP trap, etc.). The outgoing notifications can be escalated across different levels.
Reporting: Icinga reporting is an extension of the new Icinga web interface. With the integration of Jasper Reports in Icinga, it is now possible to perform both predefined reports as well as your own, completely customized reports.


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