NetApp storage
NetApp Storage

Every IT executive is familiar with the challenge: A growing amount of data has to be managed while the IT budget shrinks. NetApp offers efficient data storage solutions to companies of nearly any size. Learn more about the NetApp products in our portfolio in this category. 


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Unified (file-based & block-based)

Scale out and scale up

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Highlights of the FAS series

  • Designed for high flexibility
  • Dual controllers (HA pair) – Cluster in a box
  • Supported protocols: NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FC
  • Scalable up to 4 HA pairs (Clustered Data OnTap), each with 144 hard drives
  • High security thanks to triple parity RAID (RAID-TEC)
  • Efficient memory usage thanks to compression, deduplication and more
  • Scalability without interruptions
  • Accelerated SAN and NAS workloads with up to 3-times more performance

Highlights of the E series

  • Designed for high performance
  • All-flash storage array or hybrid storage array possible
  • Dual active controllers with automated failover of I/O paths
  • Supported protocols: SAS, iSCSI, FC
  • Scalability up to 180 drives (of which max. 120 SSDs)
  • Simple storage pool configuration with Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP)
  • Solid, user-friendly SANtricity Storage Management software (incl. proactive hard drive monitoring)
  • Seamless integration with applications such as VMware, Exchange, SQL and Oracle systems


The NetApp storage series at a glance

At Thomas-Krenn, you have your choice between the NetApp FAS2600 and the NetApp E2800 series. Learn about the various advantages of each series here.

NetApp FAS2600

The NetApp FAS2600 offers many benefits to growing companies. The intelligent ONTAP operating system allows you to not only scale storage capacity, but also performance according to your needs. This gives you great investment protection since the FAS series can be adapted to the changing challenges your company faces at any time.

The architecture of this solution enables interruption-free operation of the NetApp storage system while also allowing for easy connection to the cloud. The system requires little installation effort as both installation and implementation are performed by a certified technician. You can therefore start using your storage solution for productive operations practically on delivery.

NetApp E2800

The NetApp E2800 impresses with its simple management, as storage capacities can be easily added without having to reconfigure the applications. The NetApp E2800 also stands out in terms of performance. It can be connected to the application server via various block-based protocols at transmission rates of 10-16 Gbit.  The NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager software has an intuitive interface that allows for a user-friendly installation and management of the system.   

Do you need help choosing the right NetApp system? We are happy to help you with your decision. Along with storage systems from NetApp, you'll also find hardware like rack servers and business PCs as well as a wide range of accessories.  



If desired, we are happy to inform you about the AFF and EF-series from NetApp. Simply get in touch with our
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