SUSE Enterprise Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage

Industry-leading storage features for your IT environment

SUSE Enterprise Storage is a high-grade, scalable, object-based storage solution that guarantees utmost availability and future viability. Thanks to its support for multiple protocols (S3, Swift, RBD, iSCSI), the technology can quickly be adjusted to new requirements – allowing you to react flexibly to every situation.

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SES Appliance All-rounder
Affordable appliance, good balance between performance and capacity

Appliance incl.

1x admin host, 4x nodes, 2x 10GBit switches

Gross capacity: 64 TB SATA HDDs + 3.2 TB SSDs

starting at 64,195 
SES Appliance Capacity Optimized
Affordable price per GB, only uses enterprise-grade HDDs

Appliance incl.

1x admin host, 4x nodes, 2x 10GBit switches

Gross capacity: 320 TB SATA HDDs + 3.2 TB SSDs

starting at 82,995 


All prices are net and do not include the statutory VAT. They are directed exclusively to entrepreneurs (§ 14 BGB), legal entities subject to public law and special funds subject to public law.


Two Ceph-based appliances

Based on the popular free object storage software Ceph, SUSE Enterprise Storage offers industry-leading storage features along with being self-managed and self-healing. With the help of our appliances, setting up a highly scalable storage system at a very favorable price-performance ratio is possible – using nothing more than standard retail servers and drives.

At Thomas-Krenn, you can purchase various SUSE Enterprise Storage appliances that are optimized for various applications. One thing is certain: Every configuration is of the highest quality. Find the right SUSE Enterprise Storage appliance for your company at Thomas-Krenn.

Our “all-rounder” system strikes an optimal balance between high performance and large capacity. This affordable appliance fulfills the main requirements for many companies and supplies sufficient storage for most uses of SUSE Enterprise Storage with a gross capacity of 64 TB. If you are looking for an affordable entry package, our “all-rounder” is the right solution for your company.

Highest hardware quality for SUSE Enterprise Storage

Those that value capacity above all else will be well-served with the “capacity-optimized” appliance. The appliance was optimized for a low price per GB and offers 304 TB of gross storage capacity. SSDs are included for good OS+ journaling performance. Our “capacity-optimized” appliance is ideal as an archiving solution or backup-to-disk.

If you are looking for a high-grade redundant storage solution that provides maximum system stability and resilience, look no further than SUSE Enterprise Storage – and with our SUSE Enterprise Storage appliances, you’ll benefit from the best hardware Thomas-Krenn has to offer. 


You can find further information on the datasheet.


The features of our appliances at a glance:

  • A high-grade redundant storage solution from SUSE based on Ceph
  • Very scalable and flexible
  • Industry-leading storage features
  • “All-rounder” entry appliance with 64 TB gross SATA storage and 3.2 TB gross SSD storage
  • “Performance-optimized” appliance with 96 SSDs and 19.2 TB of gross storage 
  • “Capacity-optimized” appliance with 320 TB gross SATA storage and 3.2 TB gross SSD storage
  • Every appliance includes 4x nodes, 1 admin host, 2x 8-port 10 Gbit switches 
  • Supported protocols: RADOS Object Store, S3/Swift, RADOS Block Device, iSCSI Block Device
  • High-quality Thomas-Krenn hardware


About SUSE Linux:

SUSE is a pioneer in open source software and was founded in Nuremberg in 1992 as "Gesellschaft für Software und Systementwicklung mbH". Today, SUSE is a world leader in Linux and open source solutions for the enterprise market.  Since 2015, SUSE has been part of the international software company Micro Focus as an independent business unit.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the proven operating system for corporate customers, and the storage solution SUSE Enterprise Storage are two of the company's well-known solutions. Both are available at Thomas-Krenn. 

Should these appliances not meet your precise needs, we would be happy to configure a custom system for you.
Please contact our consultants at or call +49 8551 9150 300.