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The Thomas-Krenn-Wiki - more than an encyclopedia

You can find technical server know-how directly from the employees of Thomas-Krenn.AG in the Thomas-Krenn-Wiki. The articles range from instructions about installation and configuration, technical details and concrete solutions to specific problems.

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Who we are: Thomas-Krenn.AG is a leading manufacturer of individual server and storage systems as well as a provider of solutions for data centers. Our online shop ( offers customers a unique opportunity throughout Europe to configure customized servers with tested components in the shortest possible time and install them the very next day. The company produces all servers in Germany at the Freyung location. Since its foundation in 2002, Thomas-Krenn.AG has been growing steadily on its own.

Further information about Thomas-Krenn can be found in our online shop ( Further information about our Wiki can be found on the special page about the Wiki of Thomas-Krenn.AG.

Top categories

Git - Distributed Version Control System

Monitoring - Server and Hardware

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