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This article will show the installation of Windows XP on a VirtualBox 3.0.4 guest system. VirtualBox 3.0.4 will run on a laptop under Linux with Fedora 11 in this example. The Open Source Edition (OSE) of VirtualBox will be used for this.

Creating Virtual Machines

The creation of a new machine will be started in VirtualBox using the menu items Machine -> New.

Installing Windows XP on the virtual Machine

The virtual machine now exists. Thus, Windows XP can be installed on it:

Installing Guest Additions

After the installation of Windows XP has been completed, the VirtualBox guest additions can be installed. These extensions include special drivers for increasing performance.

License: The guest additions do not fall under the GPL like VirtualBox OSE. A commercial license is required for the commercial use of the guest additions.[1]

Note: When the VirtualBox version has been updated on the host, the guest additions should also be updated on the guest system. To do this, you will simply re-install the guest additions after VirtualBox has been successfully updated. De-installation of the prior version of the guest additions is not required.



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