Low Energy Server with TKmon

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This article will show you details about the Thomas Krenn Low Energy Server (LES) with pre-installed TKmon.

Further details on BIOS versions and other Wiki articles can be found at the linked Wiki article of the motherboard.

Server Details

Version 1.0


  • Can the same battery be used for every Motherboard? Yes, all systems use a CR2032 battery.
  • Why is no Red Hat or Suse software available for this server / pc? Thomas Krenn servers / pcs are not officially certified by Red Hat or Suse certification programs. There would be no support by Red Hat or Suse in case of issues with the operating system.
  • What is the recommended ambient temperature and air humidity for this system? The recommended ambient temperature is between 20-22 degrees celsius, the max. air humidity 40%.
  • What is the recommended ambient temperature for operating the LES? The LES can be operated between 0 - 60 °C.
  • Which Kernel parameters are necessary to run Ubuntu 12.04 on the LES? The required parameters are shown in this article: Ubuntu 12.04 Kernel Parameters for the Low Energy Server.
  • Does the LES have temperature sensors which can be queried? Yes, the LES has two temperature sensors. See Low Energy Server Temperature Sensors for further information how to query those sensors.

Additional Information

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