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Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) makes remote maintenance of desktop PCs possible. AMT has been integrated with certain Intel chipsets. In this article, we will show the features provided by AMT using an Intel DQ57TM motherboard as an example.

Web Interface

The Intel AMT web interface can be accessed from http://IP-ADDRESS:16992/ (port 16992) and makes activation of the PC possible:

KVM Console

Certain CPUs support remote KVM access on motherboards with Intel AMT (such as the Intel i5-650, i5-660 and i5-670).[1]

In its default configuration, KVM access is possible using Real VNC Viewer Plus or the Intel KVM Console. In order to enable access using normal VNC clients, the KVM Status must be changed to all ports or default port from the Intel KVM console.[2]

Remote KVM access is possible using the respective programs with the following settings:

KVM Status Access not possible from
Real VNC Viewer Plus
Intel AMT KVM Connection Mode
Real VNC Viewer Plus
VNC Connection Mode
Intel KVM Console
Redirection Ports
Intel KVM Console
Default Port
normal VNC Clients
Enabled - all ports yes yes yes yes yes
Enabled - redirection ports yes yes
Enabled - default port yes yes yes

Changing the KVM Status

  1. Start the Intel KVM console (the \Windows\Intel_AMT\Bin\KVM\KVMControlApplication.exe in the archive from Intel AMT Software Development SDK)
  2. Enter the IP address and the user name and password under Edit Machine Settings and then click Machine Settings:
  3. Select the desired KVM status and click on Apply (the RFB password for access using normal VNC clients must be precisely eight characters long and contain upper and lower case letters, a number and a special character):[3]
    Image description
    Image description

Access using Real VNC Viewer Plus

This screenshot shows access using Real VNC Viewer Plus:



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