Configuration Limitations with VMware vShpere 5

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VMware provides detailed information on the configuration limitations (Configuration Maximums) with vSphere 5:

This article shows details of limitations from these documents.

Storage Limits

The following limitations apply to the VMFS-3 (the newer VMFS-5 has other limitations, see the PDFs from VMware above):

  • Volume size: 64 TB (For VMFS3-Volumes with 1 MB block size with a maximum size of 50 TB.)
VMFS-3 Blockgröße maximale Dateigröße (Größe einer virtuellen HDD)
Block Size = 1 MB 256 GB minus 512 Byte
Block Size = 2 MB 512 GB minus 512 Byte
Block Size = 4 MB 1 TB minus 512 Byte
Block Size = 8 MB 2 TB minus 512 Byte

Additional Information

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