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With the Thomas Krenn Call-Home-Service your network monitoring system (TKmon or Icinga/Nagios) will automatically send a notification email to the Thomas Krenn support team when problems with your Thomas Krenn server hardware occur.

In this article you will find links answering the most common questions regarding the Call-Home-Service.


  1. What is the Call-Home-Service from Thomas Krenn? -> Call-Home-Service
  2. How do I order the Call-Home-Service? -> You can purchase the Call-Home-Service as a service option since 07/23/2013 for each Thomas Krenn Server (it is part of the Exclusive Package and of the Enterprise Package). For existing servers Call-Home-Service can be purchased as a service upgrade.
  3. What data is transmitted to Thomas Krenn by the Call-Home-Service? -> Call-Home-Service Privacy Policy
  4. Which hardware components can I monitor? -> Call-Home-Service - Supported Call-Home Monitoring
  5. How do I configure the Call-Home-Service?
  6. Where do I find my Auth-Key? -> Call-Home-Service#Configuration Call-Home Auth-Key

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