Using Call-Home-Service with Icinga or Nagios

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With the Thomas Krenn Call-Home-Service your network monitoring system (TKmon or Icinga / Nagios) will automatically send any hardware problems concerning your Thomas Krenn server to the Thomas Krenn support team. This article shows you how you can use Call-Home-Service with Icinga or Nagios.

In this example Icinga 1.6.1 Installation for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise is used.


  1. Icinga or Nagios Installation (z.B. Icinga 1.6.1 Installation for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise)
  2. TKalert Skript (to send encrypted Call-Home-Service messages to Thomas Krenn).
  3. Thomas Krenn Call-Home-Service Subscription for each server that requires monitoring.
  4. Thomas Krenn Call-Home Auth-Key (Is your customer account, with which you purchased the monitored server. If you want to monitor multiple servers that have been purchased with different customer accounts simply use multiple Call-Home Auth-Keys.)

Icinga Configuration

Thomas Krenn Configuration Files

For easy configuration of the Call-Home-Services the following configuration files are already provided in the archive thomas-krenn-call-home-service-configuration.tar.gz:

  • Thomas Krenn Host Template (thomas-krenn-host.cfg)
  • Thomas Krenn Service Template (thomas-krenn-service.cfg)
  • Thomas Krenn Contacts (thomas-krenn-contacts.cfg)
  • Thomas Krenn Commands (thomas-krenn-commands.cfg)

Unzip the archive file in the /etc/icinga/objects directories then create the following three entries for the file thomas-krenn-host.cfg. Please include your name, email address, and your Call-Home Auth-Key:

    _TKMON_CONTACTPERSON          Max Mustermann
    _TKMON_AUTHKEY                0123456789A

Customizing your Icinga Host (localhost)

For daily connection review of your Icinga System to Thomas Krenn configure the following services (replacing the host_name parameter entry localhost with the name of your configured hosts):

define host{
        use                       thomas-krenn-host
define service{
        use                       generic-service
        host_name                 localhost
        service_description       tkalert-heartbeat
        check_command             check_tkmon_heartbeat
        check_interval            1440

Note: For more information about these heartbeats, see the Call-Home-Service Privacy Policy - Heartbeat Transmission.

Customize your Hosts

So that Call-Home-Service messages can be received by us and so that we know what your server is, adjust the following settings for each monitored Thomas Krenn server for which you want to use the Call-Home-Service:

    use                           thomas-krenn-host
    _SERIAL                       9000xxxxxx
    _OS                           Ubuntu

Customize your Services

So that specific host service alerts are sent to us as Call-Home-Service notifications, link the thomas-krenn-service template with these services:

    use                           thomas-krenn-service


Configuration Completion

After customizing the configuration, restart Icinga: Icinga sudo service restart

Author: Georg Schönberger

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