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The IPMI specification provides several differentsensor types. You can limit the monitored sensor types when you are using the IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin and FreeIPMI. In this article we list all the appropriate types as well as the description of the corresponding parameter for FreeIPMI (this parameter can be used in the plugin).

The information in the following table is taken from Table 42-3 Sensor Type Codes of the IPMI specification:[1]

Sensor Type FreeIPMI Sensor Type naming

(ipmi-sensors -L)

Event examples for discrete sensors

(a few examples are listed)

Temperature Temperature (Threshold-Sensor)
Voltage Voltage (Threshold-Sensor)
Current Current (Threshold-Sensor)
Fan Fan (Threshold-Sensor)
Physical Security Physical_Security
  • General Chassis Intrusion
  • Drive Bay intrusion
  • I/O Card area intrusion
  • Processor area intrusion
  • LAN Leash Lost (system is unplugged from LAN)
  • Unauthorized dock
  • FAN area intrusion (supports detection of hot plug fan tampering)
Platform Security Violation Attempt Platform_Security_Violation_Attempt
  • Secure Mode (Front Panel Lockout) Violation attempt
  • Pre-boot Password Violation - user password
  • Pre-boot Password Violation attempt - setup password
  • Pre-boot Password Violation - network boot password
  • Other pre-boot Password Violation
  • Out-of-band Access Password Violation
Processor Processor (Weitere Beispiele siehe Tabelle 42-3 Sensor Type Codes der IPMI Spezifikation)[1]
Power Supply Power_Supply
Power Unit Power_Unit
Cooling Device Cooling_Device
Other Units-based Sensor Other_Units_Based_Sensor
Memory Memory
Drive Slot Drive_Slot
POST Memory Resize POST_Memory_Resize
System Firmware Progress System_Firmware_Progress
Event Logging Disabled Event_Logging_Disabled
Watchdog 1 Watchdog_1
System Event System_Event
Critical Interrupt Critical_Interrupt
Button / Switch Button_Switch
Module / Board Module_Board
Microcontroller / Coprocessor Microcontroller_Coprocessor
Add-in Card Add_In_Card
Chassis Chassis
Chip Set Chip_Set
Other FRU Other_Fru
Cable / Interconnect Cable_Interconnect
Terminator Terminator
System Boot / Restart Initiated System_Boot_Initiated
Boot Error Boot_Error
Base OS Boot / Installation Status OS_Boot
OS Stop / Shutdown OS_Critical_Stop
Slot / Connector Slot_Connector
System ACPI Power State System_ACPI_Power_State
Watchdog 2 Watchdog_2
Platform Alert Platform_Alert
Entity Presence Entity_Presence
Monitor ASIC / IC Monitor_ASIC_IC
Management Subsystem Health Management_Subsystem_Health
Battery Battery
Session Audit Session_Audit
Version Change Version_Change
FRU State FRU_State


  1. 1.0 1.1 Intelligent Platform Management Interface Specification Second Generation v2.0 Document Revision 1.1 Tabelle 42-3 Sensor Type Codes, Page 505

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