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Fusion-io ioDrives like SSDs offer flash memory for the permanent storage of data. The memory chips are directly on an x4 PCIe card and therefore, unlike SSDs, do not have SATA, or SAS connections. Through its own driver read and write access are addressed directly on the card (ioMemory VSL, Virtual Storage Layer).[1][2] This enables a very high I/O performance, which is rarely achieved with conventional RAID systems. Booting directly from the ioDrive is not possible due to the necessary driver. They are significantly more expensive compared to normal ioDrive SSDs, but offer higher performance. They are therefore especially suitable for I/O-intensive applications that require a high number of possible I/O operations per second (IOPS).


  • Capacity: 160 GB (SLC), 320 GB (MLC), 640 GB (MLC)[3]
  • Supported Operating Systems: 64-Bit Microsoft Server 2003/2008, 64-Bit Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7, RHEL 4/5, SLES 10/11, OEL v4/v5[4], in der Within the list of supported Linux core versions there is also a list including Debian and Ubuntu cores.
  • Cache: Fusion-io ioDrive does not use DRAM cache such as in hard drives or SSDs. Therefore, cache content will not be lost in case of a power failure. [5]
  • CPU: the ioDrive does not have its own CPU.[6]
  • Monitoring: by fio-snmp-agentx SNMP Agent[7]


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