JBOD Systems Overview - Disk Expansion Units

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This article will summarize important information about the topic of Disk Expansion Units, also known as JBOD systems, Shelves or Expansion Units.

The systems of themselves do not have any additional value, in principle, but rather must be connected with an intelligent unit. This unit may be a server, or rather so-called Heads or Nodes (terminology normal for storage systems).

This unit will then setup the corresponding RAID array and manage the disks.

General Information


In principle, JBOD systems are constructed as follows:

  • a basic enclosure
  • a back plane with one or more expander chips and appropriate connections (see SAS Expander)
  • redundant power supplies
  • Appropriate SAS connections for IN / OUT ports

Connection to the intelligent Unit

Serial attached SCSI and the appropriate cables are used as expansion for the unit (see SAS SATA Cables and Plugs))

Additional Information

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