With Hot Fluid® Computing, we are providing technology and hardware for liquid cooling. It allows our customers to realize any business model. For implementation, we cooperate with reliable partners.

Many existing systems restrict use to certain applications, such as HPC. Hot Fluid® Computing, however, can be used almost anywhere and makes financial sense from a power consumptions of about 3 kW. This is equivalent to eight dual socket servers with Xeon E5-2600 CPUs and an Infiniband/10GB switch. On the other hand, the system scales very well up to the size of medium data centers. 

Rack-based solutions can be used in existing data centers and server rooms parallel to conventionally cooled systems and thereby reduce operating costs, as only a fraction of the hardware is cooled by air. 

The solution is particularly attractive for new data centers or server rooms as it reduces investment costs: due to the higher power density and the elimination of double bottoms, climate zones and the reduced or even complete elimination of air circulation systems. A sample calculation for a 1 MW data center can be found here.

Outside the data center or server room, Hot Fluid® systems can be operated as energy-saving, compact stand-alone solutions without a rack.  Units with up to eight dual socket servers, a 10 GB Ethernet switch or Infiniband switch are particularly suitable for CPU-intensive applications. Typical areas of application include anything where high performance needs to be available locally and factors such as minimal noise and heat development are crucial – for instance with complex imaging techniques in medicine, simulation calculations in research and development or local render farms in the multimedia field.

As a “data center-in-a-box”, the stand alone units can completely replace the traditional server room for small and medium-sized businesses and make the waste heat via heat exchangers and conventional buffers available locally. A sample calculation shows how much electricity and CO2 can be saved by such a solution compared to traditional rack servers. 


Stand-alone system in the office


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