Financial support for innovative energy-saving technologies in enterprises and data centers is available from numerous sources. Hot Fluid® Computing often qualifies both for programs that specifically promote energy savings as well as those that target an increased use of waste heat. Experts from your bank, consultants from the regional governments and regional economic development partners can assist you with selecting the appropriate program and guide you through the application process. Here, we briefly describe the most important subsidy programs for energy efficiency in IT and waste heat utilization:     

STEP up! Energy efficiency

“STEP up!” is a support program of the German Federal Government that supports investments in energy efficiency among businesses. The higher the energy savings in relation to the funding amount sought, the greater the chance of receiving funding. The support is project-based, with both individual and collective projects possible. 

Calls for applications are held for three months and are announced in spring and autumn. Until May 31, 2017, a closed call for applications is ongoing that is specifically targeting efficient data centers. However, funding is also possible via the concurrent industry-neutral open tender.    

KfW energy efficiency program for waste heat

With its energy efficiency program, the KfW supports the utilization of waste heat with low-interest loans for up to 100 percent of the investment costs and repayment subsidies. Support is also provided for energy efficiency measures that are directly related to waste heat utilization.  

Smart energy showcases – digital agenda for the energy transition (SINTEG)

In this program offered by the BMWi, large-scale "shop window regions” are used to promote scalable model solutions for the intelligent networking of energy production and consumption. The solutions found are meant to serve as a model for broad implementation. Overall, more than 200 companies are participating in the program across five model regions. The total funding budget is 200 million euros.  

Energy efficiency support from the BAFA

The Federal Office for Energy Efficiency is located within the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. Via numerous funding programs, it subsidizes measures for increasing energy efficiency in companies – from consulting through to specific measures. The program on cross-sectional technologies is of particular interest for the combination of energy-saving measures and waste heat utilization.

More KfW programs 

Support for waste heat utilization measures can also be found in some more broad-based KfW programs. The "Energy Efficient Building and Renovation” program is aimed at owners of commercial buildings and promotes, among other things, heat generation and waste heat utilization. For buildings owned by municipalities, non-profit businesses, churches and similar organizations a comparable program exists.

Programs from the federal states

The LfA Förderbank Bayern supports energy efficiency projects in companies with fewer than 250 employees through favorable loans such as the energy loan, the eco-loan or by reliving the borrower's risk in the absence of collateral.  
Baden-Wuerttemberg offers support through its "Climate Protection Plus” program, which promotes carbon-neutral heating in buildings owned by companies, municipalities, associations and religious institutions.  
Saxony-Anhalt Energy is a program for SMEs with up to 500 employees, which promotes the replacement of inefficient equipment and systems by offering funding for up to 45 percent of the eligible expenditures. The focus of the funding is on energy-saving measures, more comprehensive projects can be eligible for further support.  
On the website of the Energy Agency NRW, the government of North Rhine-Westphalia offers a wide range of targeted funding programs and competitions for energy efficiency. A navigator facilitates the search for the appropriate program. 


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