Systemy Open Storage

Open storage systems (OSS)

Flexible hardware for software defined storage

Our open storage systems (OSS) are a cost-effective solution for handling the growing data volumes in your company. They provide an optimal basis for the flexible use of software defined storage (SDS). For a simplified entry, the open source software openATTIC can be pre-installed if desired.

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OSS Basic
Najważniejsze cechy
Maksymalna pojemność dyskowa w 2U, SAS-3 backplane z Expanderem
Maks.: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4 (10-10 core)
12x HDD
6x Karty dodatkowe
- zasilacz redundantny

od 6,299 
OSS performance
Najważniejsze cechy
Największe upakowanie dysków (2,5") w obudowie 2U, backplane z Expanderem SAS3
Maks.: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4
CPU core: 8-8
24x HDD
46.08 TB (brutto)

6x LP karty dodatkowe
- zasilacz redundantny

od 6,379 
OSS Capacity
Najważniejsze cechy
36x HDD + 2x 2,5" HDD wew.
Maks.: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4 (10-10 core)
36x HDD
6x Karty dodatkowe
- zasilacz redundantny

od 8,949 
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Three options to cover any requirement

We pursue one goal with our open storage systems (OSS): We want to provide you with a flexible hardware platform that does not limit you to a particular storage software. With the development of three variants, you have ample choices: Do you value capacity, performance or flexibility for your IT infrastructure?

The first version is OSS Basic. The hardware includes 12x 3.5” hard drives as well as 2x 80 GB SATA SSDs in a 2U form factor with an SAS-3 expander backplane. Our Basic version is designed as an entry unit for SMEs looking for a storage solution. All of our OSS models are equipped with high-performance Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 processors.

The second variant is OSS Capacity: a 4U system with a total of 36x 3.5” hard drives. This gives you a maximum of 360 TB (gross) storage for your data and applications, while the hardware is ideal for use in long-term archiving and backup-to-disk applications with large data volumes. The 2U all-flash OSS Performance system provides you with maximum performance – offering 24x 2.5” slots and approximately 43 TB of storage. If you want to use your storage for virtualization or database applications, this is the choice for you.

openATTIC as your open source storage manager

We can install the open source software openATTIC on Ubuntu Linux when you purchase your new open storage system. This option is already pre-selected in the configurator. If you do not need openATTIC, you can simply deselect this option. You will then receive your storage hardware with just the pre-installed Ubuntu test OS. Our systems are optimally configured for openATTIC so that you can depend on full functionality.

The unified storage manager openATTIC is an independent and flexible alternative to commercial storage applications. The storage management solution is particularly advantageous if you already use other open source technologies like zFS, Ceph or OpenStack and require a powerful, unified storage platform. Thanks to openATTIC, your storage resources are easily managed via a web-based interface, which significantly reduces administrative effort.