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Posiadasz już kilka serwerów i szukasz odpowiedniej szafy serwerowej? W naszej ofercie znajdziesz specjalnie wyposażone i dopasowane do Twoich potrzeb, najwyższej jakości szafy serwerowe, z dostawą pod same drzwi. 

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Szafa rackowa 42U Rittal
Wysokość:2000 mm (78.75")
Szerokość: 800 mm (S)
Głębokość: 1200 mm (G)
Waga: 98.6 kg
Maks. obciążenie: 15000 N (1,53 T)

od 999 
Szafa rackowa Knürr 9U / 15U / 24U
Wysokość:9U: 478mm; 15U: 745mm; 24U: 1145mm
Szerokość: 600 mm (S)
Głębokość: 900 mm (G)
Maks. obciążenie: statycznie 2000 N (0,2 T)
Konsola TFT Fokus 17
Kompaktowa konsola rackowa z wysokiej jakości monitorem TFT 17".

od 999 
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All of our server cabinets are 19-inch cabinets, which means that you can use any rack systems and network components built according to the international 19-inch standard format. At Thomas-Krenn, you'll find server cabinets at heights ranging from 9U to 42U depending on the number of servers or hardware components you would like to install.

Things to keep in mind when buying a server cabinet

Server cabinets can be used at data centers and in-house server rooms. Depending on the site, the server cabinet needs to meet various requirements.

Server cabinets for server rooms

Not every company can host its server at a data center, which means that an on-site server room is used to house its servers. Its server cabinets must fulfill specific requirements: To fit all of the servers in a cabinet, the server cabinet should be capable of holding several racks. Depending on how many servers you need to organize, you can choose from rack cabinets ranging in size from 9U to 42U. 

Since a server room is usually not as well secured as a data center, it also needs to protect the servers from unauthorized access. Our server cabinets provide this security with their safety glass and lockable front panels. Since every server room is different, you can choose from various cooling, floor and socket systems. This allows you to optimally adjust the server cabinet to your server room. A further advantage: Our server cabinets are built to IP protection class standards and can therefore be used in demanding environments.

Server cabinets for data centers

In data centers, server cabinets are an essential part of the network infrastructure. Here, high-quality server cabinets with space for maximum racks is of great importance. This saves space and therefore money. You should also check whether the server cabinet offers ample space and easy accessibility for distributing power, cable management and cooling in addition to the server hardware to be housed.  All of these are characteristics of a good data center server cabinet which is why we place a special emphasis on these points for our product range.

Learn more about IP protective classes at Thomas-Krenn. Are you searching for that perfect server for your server cabinet? You'll find our rack systems here.