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TÜV certification at Thomas-Krenn



Quality has always played an essential role in everything we do. That is why we never simply trust manufacturer spec sheets, but rather test every individual component in our in-house laboratory. That is why we harmonize components with each other – to ensure the perfect functionality of your system. And that is why we are ISO 9001 TÜV certified. The internationally recognized certification confirms the transparency of our operational processes, high customer satisfaction and low error rate! What does this certification entail? Allow us to explain.

What does the TÜV certification say about our company?

By awarding us this certification, the TÜV confirms that we provide our customers with products and services that fulfill their quality requirements thanks to our quality control. Structured processes, risk minimization and the constant improvement of service and quality are other characteristics that this certification verifies.  

Why did Thomas-Krenn get certified?

We can claim anything we want, but TÜV certification is a fully independent reference. It is only given when strict criteria are fulfilled. As a result, our customers can be 100 percent sure that we will deliver the quality we promise.

What is the certification process?

To check whether we work according to the certified standards, an independent TÜV auditor visits our headquarters every year. A more detailed audit is performed every three years.

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