More overview at a glance!

With the new server valuation system we offer you the possibility to compare our servers at a glance about performance, memory size, HDD capacity, remote management and energy efficiency.
Here you can find detailed info, on which data the rating points are based.

Here will be tested all the processors about their performance in each server system. The performance is evaluated according to the time, that a system needs (in min), to compile a Linux kernel.
The rating points in each system are fixed on the last and thus most powerful CPU in the configurator.

5 points: 0-5 min. compile time
4 points: 6-10 min. compile time
3 points: 11-15 min. compile time
2 points: 16-20 min. compile time
1 point: > 20 min. compile time

Memory size

Here the analysis is performed based on the maximum RAM occupancy of the mainboard:

5 points: max. size of memory from 64GB
4 points: max. size of memory between 24GB and 64GB
3 points: max. size of memory between 8GB and 24GB
2 points: max. size of memory between 4GB and 8GB
1 point: max. size of memory up to 4GB

Hard disc capacity
In this case the basis for assessment is the maximum disc capacity of the server.
This is calculated automatically by the possible hard disc slots in the chassis, multiplied with the capacity of the current biggest available hard disc.

5 points: from 24TB max. disc capacity
4 points: from 8TB to max. 24TB disc capacity
3 points: from 4TB to max. 8TB disc capacity
2 points: from 2TB to max. 4TB disc capacity
1 point: up to max. 2TB disc capacity

Additional cards

Here the server is rated in order to his expandability through possible additional cards.

5 points: 6 - 7 additional card possible
4 points: 4 - 5 additional card possible
3 points: 3 additional card possible
2 points: 2 additional card possible
1 point: 1 additional card possibleZusatzkarte


Basis for the assesment is the efficiency of the power supply.
(high efficiency power supply, or 80plus certified power supply)

5 points: all the systems in which are 80plus gold, silver, bronze or standard certified power supplies
4 points: all the systems in which a "high efficient" power supply is obstructed admittedly without 80plus certification
2 points: all the systems in which no "high efficient" power supply is obstructed