Hier vindt u alle informatie voor de juiste server. Of het nu gaat entry-, mid-of high-end-server, u vindt het allemaal. De servers worden naar uw wensen geconfigureerd, zijn volledig getest, voorzien van alle servercomponenten en worden binnen 24 uur geleverd.

Our Bestsellers

Are you looking for a really good server? Our bestsellers are the servers that are most popular with our customers.

2U Intel Dual-CPU SC825 Server Server
2U Intel Dual-CPU SC825 Server Server
normaal 1,699.00 €
nu 1,099.00 €
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1102H server Server
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1102H server Server
nu 525.00 €
2U Intel Dual-CPU SC825 Server
2U Intel Dual-CPU SC825 Server
normaal 1,399.00 €
nu 1,199.00 €
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1102H server
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1102H server
normaal 1,399.00 €
nu 999.00 €
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Guidelines for choosing your rack server

To ensure satisfaction with your rack server, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Our guidelines will help you select the right rack server for your needs.

Key questions before making a purchase

To find the right rack server, it is important to know what exact requirements you have for the system, such as:

  • Where will the rack server be situated? Will the system be part of a data center or will it be used for your company?
  • For what purpose will the server be used? Thanks to low entry costs and flexible expansion possibilities, rack systems are ideally suited for virtualizing a company’s IT for instance.
  • Is there something that is particularly important to you? Such as energy efficiency, expandability or performance?


Custom tailor your rack system with our configurator

If you have a clear idea of what components your new rack server should have, you can individually tailor your system to your specific applications and needs with our online configurator. Should you have questions about any of the individual components, our qualified sales representatives are happy to advise you. Having trouble finding the right system for you, despite our broad selection? We have a reputation for flexibility and will find the perfect solution for every requirement – even if the parts you need aren't listed in our shop! Put us to the test and get in touch!

Are you unsure if a rack server is the right system for your needs? You can find a wide selection of other powerful systems in our tower server and storage system categories in addition to our workstation and multi-node system category.

The right rack server for your requirements

What size should your system be?

Height units (U) are a measurement used to describe the height of a rack server with a width of 19 inches. One height unit corresponds to 1.75 inches or 44.45 mm. Depending on how high your rack server is, the system can offer various benefits in the areas of efficiency, flexibility and expandability. 

Rack systems with one height unit (1U) are ideal for those seeking an affordable server with balanced performance. 2U rack servers are energy-efficient all-rounders. These systems can be used for practically any application. Some of our 2U servers have shorter installation depths and are therefore especially compact, making them ideal for use in data centers. 3U and 4U servers are powerful, flexible and specially built for permanent use. Thanks to their impressive computing power and exceptional storage density, 3U and 4U rack servers are the perfect devices for computing-intensive applications and requirements.

Energy-efficient power supplies and high power densities make our rack servers very economical. Since we place an emphasis on making our systems as quiet as possible, we only use high-quality components, such as low-noise fans. Many of our rack systems are therefore suitable for use directly in the work environment.

Tips for the RAID configuration of your rack server

Depending on requirements, our rack systems can employ various RAID setups. As a long-standing IT standard, RAID is particularly recommendable when fail-safe reliability and speed are priorities. Do you have questions regarding the RAID configuration of your system? We are happy to help!