Mobile Solutions with the LES v2

A Server for Mobile Use

Outdoor applications with the robust mini-server LES v2

Do you want a server that can thrive in harsher environments? If so, we have the system for you: The rugged LES v2 is perfect for use outside the office and can be implemented in a wide range of applications.

Service technicians, engineers, assemblers and mechanics can all benefit from using the LES v2 as a mobile device. Get the small all-rounder for your business and benefit from the many advantages that this mini-server has to offer!


Live Transmissions, Diagnostics & More

The LES v2 is ideally suited for mobile use thanks to its robust build – even in rough environments. You can use it almost anywhere, as its fan-less design makes the LES v2 much tougher than most other servers. Live broadcasts of sporting events, concerts or open-air events are no problem for this compact server.

The LES v2 can easily be installed in vehicles: Using the 9 to 24 Volt power input, you can easily connect your mini-server to the car battery and establish a reliable power connection, even on the go. Whether for mobile traffic management systems powered by solar panels or numerous other applications, the LES v2 is a versatile all-rounder.


Use it as a diagnostic tool in car workshops, to manage parking systems or for wireless communications. Configure your mini-server to fit your needs and applications and take advantage of the benefits that the LES v2 has to offer.

The LES v2 is ready for mobile use!
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