High-performance workstations

Experience superior speed and power with our systems

Do you need a workstation that can run the most demanding applications? If so, you've come to the right place! The high-performance workstations from Thomas-Krenn are equipped with high-quality components and deliver the power you need to run your applications fluidly.

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Graphics cards and CPUs for optimal working conditions

Loading times and jerky graphics hinder an optimal workflow. With our workstations, these problems are a thing of the past. Fast Intel processors and high-performance graphics cards from NVIDIA combined with other optimized components results in an impressive overall system that is guaranteed to meet your needs. So say goodbye to compatibility issues and half-hearted compromises: Our workstations supply superior performance that conventional PCs can’t match.

Depending on your variant, the hardware can be equipped with up to 512 GB of RAM and up to seven full profile add-on cards. The silent towers are perfectly suited for use in offices, as they operate in near perfect silence. Also: Thanks to their compact design, the systems are guaranteed to fit under every desk!  

The workstation of your choice can be easily adapted to your precise needs thanks to our intelligent configurator.

CAD workstations and workstations for image processing

To ensure that your new system is equipped for your intended application, we offer optimized hardware for a variety of use cases.

Our CAD workstations were adapted for use with various development and design programs – SOLIDWORKS, CATIA or AutoCAD for instance, just to name a few. We use graphics cards from the NVIDIA Quadro series that allow for the fluid representation of professional 2D and 3D graphics in our CAD computers.  

Our workstations can also be used by photographers, video enthusiasts and other designers for photo and video editing and post-production work. They are suited for the standard photo and video editing software programs and offer top-notch performance, allowing you to benefit from utmost efficiency.  

Learn more about our workstations and secure your high-performance hardware for CAD, rendering or media processing today!