Thin clients and business PCs

Ideally suited for your company

IT hardware has to meet diverse demands in its efforts to optimally support a company in its processes. Business PCs stand out in this area, as they are not only powerful, but also platform-stable and durable – making them ideally suited for use in the office. Thin and zero clients represent another attractive, cost-saving alternative to servers for many companies. At Thomas-Krenn, you'll find both options: Whether business PC or thin/zero client, you'll find the right system for your office. 

Our Bestsellers

Are you looking for a really good server? Our bestsellers are the servers that are most popular with our customers.

Thomas Krenn
Thomas Krenn "Low Energy Server"
nu 259.00 €
Business PC PI6T
Business PC PI6T
normaal 425.00 €
nu 335.00 €
Low Energy Server
Low Energy Server
normaal 515.00 €
nu 399.00 €
Zero Client Rangee Z-Series
Zero Client Rangee Z-Series
nu 279.00 €
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Which system for which requirements?

Business PCs

Business PCs are specifically designed for continuous operation and are therefore equipped for a variety of enterprise applications. Standardized, energy-efficient and equipped with high-quality components, our business PCs have many advantages compared to ordinary consumer systems. These powerful personal computers, which can easily handle 8 straight hours of operation, are also characterized by long product cycles and energy-efficient designs. The use of business PCs can therefore save energy and reduce costs. 

Thin and zero clients

Reduced administrative burden and affordable procurement costs are among the most important benefits of thin clients in addition to their compact proportions and quick integration into the new work space. Thin and zero clients also require less power and hardware – resulting in lower operating costs. Particularly when there are many workstations to administer, thin or zero clients can be a very good choice.   

Business PCs and thin clients can be just as easily customized as any of the other systems in our portfolio. Should you have any questions on the various components or combinations of our business PCs and thin/zero clients, our sales representatives would be happy to help.