Synology NAS
De Synology NAS-opslag is zeer geschikt voor bedrijven in het MKB, krachtig, schaalbaar en volledig uitgerust. Perfect om data te centraliseren, gegevensbeheer te vereenvoudigen en opslagcapaciteit te versnellen. Alles zo snel mogelijk om het beheer optimaal uit te breiden.



An overview of our Synology Systems:

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Synology DS716+II NAS
NAS DiskStation
20 TB (Brutto) SATA
2 x HDD(s)
scalable up to 7 x HDD(s)
Intel Celeron N3160 (4 cores
1.6 GHz)
up to 2 GB RAM

nu 399 
Synology DS1517+ NAS

50 TB (Brutto) SATA
5 x HDD(s)
scalable up to 15 x HDD(s)
Intel Atom (4-cores
2.4 GHz)
up to 16 GB RAM

nu 735 
Synology DX513 JBOD
JBOD for DS713+/DS1515+
40 TB (Brutto) SATA

nu 355 
Synology DX517 JBOD
JBOD for DS1517+
50 TB (Brutto) SATA/SSD

nu 429 
Synology RS814RP+ NAS
NAS DiskStation
40 TB (Brutto)
4 x HDD(s)
scalable up to 8 x HDD(s)
Intel Atom (4-cores
2.4 GHz)
up to 6 GB RAM

nu 1,125 
Synology RS18017XS+ NAS
NAS DiskStation
120 TB (Brutto) SATA/SAS/SSD
12 x HDD(s)
scalable up to 96 x HDD(s)
Intel Xeon (6-cores
2.2 GHz)
up to 128 GB RAM

nu 4,599 
Synology RS2416RP+ NAS
NAS DiskStation
120 TB (Brutto) SATA/SSD
12 x HDD(s)
scalable up to 24 x HDD(s)
Intel Atom (4-cores
2.4 GHz)
up to 6 GB RAM

nu 1,859 
Synology RS3617XS+ NAS
NAS DiskStation
120 TB (Brutto) SATA/SSD
12 x HDD(s)
scalable up to 36 x HDD(s)
Intel Xeon (6-cores
2.2 GHz)
up to 64 GB RAM

nu 3,549 
Synology RX1217RP JBOD
JBOD for RS3617xs+/RS2416RP+
120 TB (Brutto) SATA/SSD

nu 1,715 
Synology RX1217sas JBOD
JBOD for RS18017xs+
120 TB (Brutto) SATA/SAS/SSD

nu 2,199 


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Synology products: scalable and powerful

Synology offers the right system for every user. Whether beginner or professional, Synology’s product portfolio has the right hardware for every user. Synology NAS devices impress with their intuitive, web-based administration interface DiskStation Manager (DSM) and various useful applications and services. All settings and features can be easily and securely managed via the user interface. Whether Hyper-Backup and Hyper-Backup-Vault for replication and data backup or Virtual DSM Manager and Docker DSM as virtualization techniques: Synology NAS devices offer suitable features for many applications.

Synology JBODs are simple solutions to volume expansion and data backup for select DiskStation products. JBODs effortlessly increase the storage capacity of the Synology DiskStation without interrupting operations – making it a reliable expansion solution.  All Synology products are covered by a warranty from Synology. Thomas-Krenn also offers an advance replacement service for defective parts or for the complete system.

An overview of the characteristics of DiskStation Manager (DSM):

  • Central and expandable storage
  • Diverse, configurable cloud connections
  • File sharing with various client operating systems
  • Various backup services
  • Simple administration via web interface
  • Can be administrated via smartphone or tablet
  • Virtualization and iSCSI
  • Quick installation of new features via package center

You can also test DiskStation Manager via live demo!


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