NETAPP Storage FAS2240

The NetApp FAS2200 series 
  • 2-3 times the performance as compared to the previous series
  • A maximum of 144 drives, depending on the drive type
  • Available with optional 10GbE or 8GbFC
  • Data ONTAP® 8 and 64 bit architecture
  • Integrated SAS ports for expansion
  • Hyperthreading CPU (Intel Jasper Forest)
  • Easy conversion to shelf is possible (FAS2240)




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The new FAS2240 offers many new architectural features that significantly enhance the performance, functionality and versatility of the FAS 2240 series. With the FAS series from NetApp, you have access to the highest levels of scalability, performance and security.

Diverse application possibilities:
As unified storage, the NetApp FAS2240 can handle protocols like

  • CIFS,
  • NFS,
  • iSCSI and
  • Fibre Channel

in a single system. It is equally suited for storage and server consolidations in Windows and Unix environments as well as for application infrastructures in databases, e-mail/messaging and ERP/CRM applications. SATA drives can also be used in addition to SAS. With additional software packs, you can gradually expand your system. The models offer high availability via dual controllers (-A).
Via a mezzanine slot, the FAS2240 can be optionally equipped with either 10GbE or 8Gb FC. Depending on the type of drives installed, the system is available in two models:
- The FAS2240-2 is a 2U system with internal SAS drives

- The FAS2240-4 is a 4U system with internal SATA drives
A further architectural highlight is the fact that the FAS2240 can be converted into a disk shelf and thereby act as a sustainable investment serving as a disk shelf for larger controllers.

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