Workstation Intel Single-CPU SR105 Silent [Ver.1.1]

  • (max. 4 cores, up to 3.4GHz)
  • Upgradeable to 32GB RAM, ()
  • Energy-efficient power supply 80plus Gold (> 87%)
  • Ideal for CAD appliances
  • Low noise levels with the optional silent kit
Graphics card PCIe x16, 3x PCI 32-bit slots, 4x hot-swap HDDs, redundant PSU



Silent kit(Meer info)


Processor(Meer info)


Main Memory(Meer info)


Hard Disks (max. 4 pcs.)

Assembly of Hard Disks 1-4


Raid Controller

Onboard SATA-2 RAID controller


Onboard SATA Raid Controller


Houd er rekening mee dat de initialisatie tot enkele dagen kan duren, afhankelijk van geheugencapaciteit.


Vul de gewenste partities in MB / GB! in. Indien weggelaten, wordt  door ons standaard een systeem partitie van 200GB  gemaakt.

Meer informatie over de Raid-niveaus >>

Remote Management


Full Remote Management:
Configuratie gebeurt via DHCP

Voorgeconfigureerd Full Remote Management:
Vul het gewenste IP-adres, subnet mask en default gateway in voor uw volledige beheer op afstand!


5.25" Drive(Meer info)


External Drive(Meer info)


Power Supply

Energy Saving Power Supply(Meer info)


Current Measurement


Rack Mounting

Conversion Kit(Meer info)


Articulated Cable Girder


Software & Diagnostic



Hardware Service Packages

Service & support for devices


Service Package for Best-Price products


Server location






Monitoring Server




Enterprise Package:

- Hotline (24/7)
- Hardware replacement SBD
- 24/7/4 on-site service
- Call Home service: Automatic notification of TK support for hardware problems (TKmon, Icinga or Nagios with network access to server required). Once notification has been received, technician call-back Mon. – Fri. from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm




Exclusive Package:

- Hotline (24/7)
- Hardware replacement NBD
- On-site NBD service
- Call Home service: Automatic notification of TK support for hardware problems (TKmon, Icinga or Nagios with network access to server required). Once notification has been received, technician call-back Mon. – Fri. from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm



Essentials Package:

- Hotline Mon. - Fri. (07:00 am - 10:30 pm)
- Hardware replacement NBD




Everyone knows: when a server system crashes, it can be very frustrating. Valuable data is often lost. Do not let this happen to you. Expand your storage data protection strategy with our high quality backup drives.




UPS systems offer an uninterruptible power supply for sensitive application scenarios. They are used when power needs to remain available even in emergency situations. Here you can find an overview of all of the UPS systems at Thomas-Krenn.

Business PCs & Thin Clients

Business PCs are ideally suited for use in the office. Their compact and energy-efficient construction saves not only space but also uses less power than conventional consumer PCs. To optimally secure your data, you have the option of adding RAID arrays to these PCs. Take advantage of our high-quality business PCs!




Network Cable(Meer info)

A good network requires good cables. Features such as reliability, high data transmission and resistance are of particular importance in order to ensure a fully functioning network. Our network cable will provide exactly what you need.

Netwerkkabel SFP+(Meer info)


SFP+ Module(Meer info)

For a fast network these standardized modules are unavoidable. The small connectors ensure a perfect connection between the servers. For a list of all SFP+ modules, please visit our overview.

Fiber Optic Cable(Meer info)

These cables are especially suitable for the transmission of large amounts of data. Less prone to interference and a high transmission rate glass fiber cables are ideal for your networks.

Server Accessories

If you own just a server, your system is far from complete. To function properly, it requires a lot of accessories. Whether server cabinets, TFT drawers, software, spare line, power cables and power cord, you will find everything you need for a good running server in our online shop .

Input Devices

They are part of a well-functioning IT environment, just like servers or PCs: Input devices, such as the mouse and keyboard, are an integral part of any office.

ESD accessories

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is one of the most common reasons for a damaged server. It occurs when differently charged objects meet. Due to this discharge components can be damaged or even destroyed. In this category you will find a wide range of ESD accessories to protect your server.



Spare partsSpare parts title=



Spare Parts for Housing(Meer info)

Are you looking for spare or replacement parts? Then you have come to the right place. In our Spare Parts section, you will be guaranteed to find what you are looking for and will have the option to retrofit or upgrade your component.
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