Initially, it was just an idea...

Now we are Thomas-Krenn.AG

It all started with a vision to provide customers an online shop that was unique in its simplicity and speed. In 2002, online stores were the exception – and those that did exist were not known for their friendly customer-service and functionality. Our idea was to design a server shop that was easy for customers to navigate and use. We focused exclusively on server technology, because our aim was to impress with our high-quality products, rather than superficial variety. After many years of intensive cooperation with our customers, we have established ourselves in the market as a service oriented server specialist and we take great pride in our large number of customers all over Europe. Even though we have grown quickly and successfully, we have retained the virtues of our early years, including the flexibility and individuality of a small business as well as the quality and professionalism of a large company. The focus of our work remains the customer – every customer.

That is why we founded Thomas Krenn Schweiz.AG at the end of 2016. The subsidiary strengthens the connection between Thomas-Krenn and its Swiss customers and accounts for the increasing demand for our products in Switzerland.

You can learn more about us and our vision in our corporate brochure. Download it now as a PDF.

We are not the cheapest – but we also don't want to be!
Cheap can become quite expensive over time. Those who look to save money first put less emphasis on high-quality, durable and reliable components, on competent, accurate advice and flexible, helpful service. We are proud to be considered THE SERVER SPECIALISTS in our industry. At Thomas-Krenn.AG, the products you buy are not just ordinary devices – they are the commitment of an entire company. That is why our products are worth the price.

Quality and Service
Customer feedback is important to us and we use it to improve the quality of our work. We are aware that the concept of quality goes far beyond the actual product itself. All of our processes are designed with quality, speed and the customer's needs in mind. Maintaining individuality is a key goal. This is reflected in our desire to offer custom configurations for goods and services. With our intelligent configuration management, errors are avoided from the outset and you receive valuable information about your server. And of course, our trained personnel is always happy to provide you with assistance or offer helpful advice. Whether you have a question about your order or some technical concerns, we will help you quickly and competently. Every customer who contacts our marketing or customer support areas will receive a contact person in his/her native language who can be reached at any time by dialing their extension number. We are here for you 24/7. It goes without saying that our advice is free and not bound to any fee-based hotline. Get in touch today!

Everything You Need Online – 24/7!
The Thomas-Krenn online shop is equipped with many additional features to ensure that you have everything you need to purchase the right server and stay up-to-date. Your account allows for simple offer and order management while RMA cases can be quickly reported. Along with many other features, our download center acts as download management system that provides you with a convenient way to access relevant files. Important information for all servers and components are always available in our Thomas Krenn wiki or in your account under My Account. You will be amazed what you can get out of your system using the latest drivers and tips from our pros.

Specialists for Every Situation!
For many years, our customers have relied on the expertise of our specialists in various fields. Whether (open source) operating systems, virtualization, storage, clusters, or hosting – we have an expert consultant for every topic. Our team has wide-ranging experience, particularly in the Linux environment, and will provide you with quick, expert and efficient assistance! It goes without saying that all of our employees are certified in their respective fields and can be contacted at any time via their telephone extension.

We Put Everything to the Test!
We do not rely on manufacturer instructions, nor do we trust the compatibility and performance information provided by third parties – we play it safe and test everything ourselves! In addition to extensive test setups, system tests, burn-in tests and performance tests, EVERY component is tested with the latest versions of the most popular operating systems! In our online shop, you can view your server's results in these tests in its technical datasheet. This allows you to be certain that the selected components will work with your operating system.

Individual Project Assistance!
Sometimes a project requires more than just the purchase of a new server. Do you have large projects that need to be addressed? Are you seeking new IT solutions or looking to develop a new infrastructure? No project is too big or too small for Thomas-Krenn. For these and many other individual tasks we offer our clients project support from our specialists. This, of course, includes consulting on implementation, e.g. concept development, product trials, electric current measurements, pre-installation of images from our OS repository, etc.