On-site-service: Next Business Day
Now also available on Saturdays

We offer the on-site service in the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Liechtenstein and the Benelux countries. 




So it works:

  1. Propose for the on-site service at a Thomas Krenn employee

    Propose for the on-site service now »

  2. Make an appointment with the technician

The General Terms and Conditions for the on-site service are valid.

The on-site service is part of the Thomas Krenn Premium Support.



The service packages at a glance

Personal service which is custom-tailored.

12 months Basic Support

  • pre-exchange of defective components
  • technical support via e-mail
  • drivers support
  • access on knowledgebase
  • online-trainings

24 months Business Support contains all services of the Basic-Support and additionally

  • express pre-exchange of defective components
  • support via phone from 9 am to 5 pm
  • 30 days installation support

36 Monate Business Support contains all services of the Basic- and Business-Support and additionally

  • support via phone from 6 am to 10.30 pm
  • support via Linux-Expert center
  • Support via Microsoft Expert Center