Servers for Special Industries

The Right System for Your Company

Are you searching for that perfect system for your business? Do you have special requirements for your server that are typical for the industry in which you work? If so, you've come to the right place! Thomas-Krenn offers you high-quality servers that have been specifically developed and optimized for use in a variety of industries.

The systems in this category have been tailored to industry-specific applications and are sure to fulfill your individual needs. Whether you are looking for high availability, a server for use in offices, a system to operate specific software or other measures, you will find the right server for your company’s needs here – guaranteed.

Various Uses – Various Solutions

At Thomas-Krenn, you won’t get a standard solution, but customized systems. Every industry has its own requirements, as does every business. That is why we provide you with a tailor-made server that meets your exact needs.

Whether for your server room or office space, at Thomas-Krenn you’ll find the right system for every location. Our office servers, for example, are characterized by a low-noise, low-heat design that keeps your working environment as pleasant as possible. No matter where you want to place your new server, we have the right solution for your business – our large range of offers makes it possible!


Optimized for Industry-specific Applications

Various sectors are dependent on special software. For this reason, our systems are configured depending on the application and adapted to its needs prior to delivery. In this way, industry-specific applications are sure to work smoothly on our servers, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For example: Our law firm servers have been designed specifically for the requirements and software used by lawyers and tax advisors. They are optimized for the use of DATEV and allow you to use common management systems such as Advoware, LawFirm, Advolux, Addison/TSE:nit or RA-Micro. With the servers in this category, you are perfectly equipped for work.

We have the right system for your business – see for yourself!