Backup drives

Backup drives

Quick backups with strong drives

To back up your company's data as quickly and securely as possible, you need high-performance backup drives in addition to a good software solution. Thomas-Krenn offers you a wide selection of quick and efficient systems so that you can immediately start with the backup of your valuable documents.

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RDX-Laufwerk Intern
Internal RDX USB 3.0 backup drive
up to 2 TB capacity

nu 125 
RDX-Drive External
External RDX USB 3.0 Superspeed backup drive
up to 2 TB capacity

nu 135 
Tandberg Streamer LTO SAS Serie intern
Internal LTO HH SAS - Backup Disk Drive, up to 6.25TB capacity

nu 1,249 
Tandberg Streamer LTO SAS Series External
LTO HH SAS - Backup Disk Drive, up to 6.25TB capacity

nu 1,385 
Tandberg Storage Loader LTO 1U SAS Extern
1HE Rack StorageLoader
1 LTO7 HH SAS Laufwerk(e)
bis zu 8 Cartridges
120TB Kapazität

nu 2,549 
Tandberg Storage Library T24 LTO 2U SAS Extern
2HE Rack Storagelibrary
up to 2 LTO7 HH SAS Laufwerk(e)
bis zu 24 Cartridges
360TB Kapazität

nu 3,149 
Tandberg Storage Library T40 + LTO 4U SAS Extern
4HE Rack Storagelibrary
up to 4 LTO7 HH SAS Laufwerk(e)
bis zu 24
expandable to 48 Cartridges
720TB Kapazität

nu 6,749 


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Our backup drives at a glance

Depending on what requirements you have for your backup drive, you can choose from a selection of models in our online shop. The Overland 1U NEOs Storage Loader LTO SAS offers many advantages: Automated backups stand out with their major cost and time savings as well as their fast implementation speeds. Excellent performance and a capacity of up to 50 terabytes with eight cartridges round out the offer. The 2U NEOs Storage Library T24 LTO SAS has a bit more to offer: 12 to 14 cartridges, a capacity of up to 150 terabytes and much higher speeds are the key benefits of this backup drive. The 4U NEOs Storage Library T48 LTO SAS offers twice as much space for cartridges as the 2U product, twice the capacity and even better performance.  

We also have backup drives from Tandberg on offer: Our Removable-Disc-Exchange drives (RDX) from Tandberg deliver up to two terabytes of capacity per cartridge and are forward and backward compatible with all previous or subsequent RDX generations. These hard drive-based technologies are extremely robust and can transfer data via drag and drop. Favorable prices are a further positive of these backup drives.

The Tandberg Streamer LTO SAS series impresses with its 6.25 terabytes of capacity. This backup drive provides excellent performance and high speeds while also being very energy-efficient. If you are looking to leverage costs in your company, these backup drives are a great place to start. Low storage costs, long-term archiving and solid security – our Tandberg backup drives offer it all in a single package.

In our backup drive category, we offer both external and internal drives. Buy the components you need for your backups at Thomas-Krenn today and optimally protect your data!