Il monitoring offre una semplice e facile soluzione per identificare e segnalare immediatamente gli eventuali problemi. I dati trasmessi vengono analizzati, permettendo una rapida soluzione al problema. Inoltre, potrai anche sapere di più sui nostri sviluppi, i servizi TKmon e il Call-Home-Service! 
Our open source programs at a glance:


TKmon is a free, open-source software developed by Thomas-Krenn.AG and NETWAYS for managing Icinga monitoring software.




TKperf is a tool that we developed to test the speed of SSDs and HDDs. It is ideal for comparing different SSDs or HDDs.




Along with software tools, we also develop open source monitoring plugins for IPMI, RAID controllers, SMART, Clamscan and GPUs.



Open source software TKmon and TKperf

At Thomas-Krenn, we have long held an interest in the open source concept. Sharing open source software, knowledge and know-how has become an essential part of our company’s profile. We develop open source software and make it freely available to the public. We also share our knowledge in various portals and support promising open source projects with the Thomas-Krenn Award and its corresponding hardware prizes. Furthermore, our company was among the first to supply tested Debian-Linux servers – and we continue to test our servers with various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and Red Hat.

TKmon, the monitoring web interface, and TKperf, a tool for speed measurements, were developed by our technicians and are regularly reviewed and updated. Both of these open source projects are available on the web-based online service GitHub. Interested parties can contribute to the further development of the software and improve it or add new features via this portal.  

Free monitoring plugins for Icinga

Alongside of our two open source programs, we also develop various plugins for the monitoring software Icinga. For instance, to monitor the hardware status of a system, we have developed an IPMI plugin that can be downloaded via GitHub. Users can control various values, such as temperature, voltages or fan speeds, via Icinga or Nagios and quickly respond in problematic cases. 

In addition to our IPMI plugin, our experts have also developed tools for monitoring Adaptec RAID controllers, SMART attributes on hard drives and SSDs, NVIDIA GPUs and other server components.  A complete list of our Icinga open source plugins can be found in our Thomas-Krenn wiki

We hope you enjoy our free open source software. Also: Our monitoring interface TKmon can be pre-installed on our Low Energy Server v2