Sistemi Multi-nodo
Troverete qua server compatti che su poche unità rack mettono a disposizione più sistemi. Sia Microcloud o Twin Server, i sistemi offrono efficienza energetica altissima senza perdita di performance. Configurate qui il vostro sistema per più bisogno di potenza.

Maximum performance thanks to Supermicro technology

Big processing power in a small package – this is possible with twin and multi-node servers, which pack multiple nodes in a single server case. These high-performance systems offer significant space savings for data centers, server rooms and co. thanks to their special design. Supermicro’s patented TwinTechnology enables utmost performance by housing two nodes in a single case. The only way to achieve greater performance per height unit is via multi-node servers.

Redundant power supply modules ensure excellent reliability and availability, while optimized ventilation provides energy-efficient cooling. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as the latest Intel processors, the dense twin and multi-node systems are extremely powerful and efficient, in addition to being innovative and future-proof.

Twin servers and multi-node solutions are available on request from Thomas-Krenn. Get in touch with our sales consultants – they will be happy to help you configure your hardware. 

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