Online Xanto-UPS RT2000

- Double Conversion Technology, Grade 1, Classification VFI-SS-111
- High efficiency (>88%), thus low operating costs
- Internal bypass, thus non-disruptive operating even when
  switching large loads
- High system availability, self-monitoring and fault diagnosis through
  advanced DSP technology
- Rack-Tower-Kombimodell, mounting bracket and stand included
- Exteremely quiet, controlled high-performance fan
- Hot Swap-Battery, replacement without turning off the closed system
- Scalable bridging time by esternal battery packages


- Xanto RT 2000
- Xanto RT 2000 Battery Package
- Shutdown, Management- and Monitoring Software DataWatch for all the Operating Systems
- Null Modem Cable for connecting to the Management Client
- Feet for Tower-Operating

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Estendi il tuo tempo di backup fino ad un'ora.

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