Online-USV Zinto A2000

  • Scalable bridging period to several hours by an external battery packages
  • Rack-Tower-wagon model, the choice can skid from cabinet or from the manufacturer ONLINE accessories used
  • Low cost of replacement batteries by using commercially available standard batteries
  • Overvoltage protection for data and phone line
  • Slot for optional SNMP-/Netzwerkmanagementkarte full integrity in building management systems.
    Support for SNMP, http, TCP / IP, telnet, Modbus/RS485, HP Openview etc.
  • Including Shutdown, Management, Monitoring Software and Data Watch for all operating (Eg, WIN, UNIX, MAC)


- Zinto A 2000

- Battery pack Zinto A 2000

- Shutdown-, Managementsoftware and Monitoringsoftware Data Watch

- USB, null modem cable

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