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Sia per server base economici che per High end server, impianti di telefonia o periferiche di rete: Zinto A protegge le applicazioni sensibili contro la perdita di dati e i tempi di inattività. Adatto sia per server di fascia media o high end, centri di stoccaggio o di comunicazione: Xanto RT garantisce la massima disponibilità con il minimo ingombro.
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Online USV Serie Zinto
UPS Line-Interactive fino a 1340w/2000 VA (in base alla selezione) (effettiva/potenza nominale)

da 179 
UPS Xanto Online serie SR
Doppia conversione online UPS
fino a 9000W/10000VA (secondo la scelta) (Potenza attiva/nominale)

da 649 


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Uninterruptible power supplies effectively protect servers from power grid failures!

A loss of power usually has far-reaching consequences for companies: Software and hardware damages or server crashes and associated data losses are just a few of the possible results. A UPS system protects your IT system effectively. These so-called uninterruptible power supplies are situated between the power grid and the consumer. They come into action if electricity is no longer available due to an outage or similar failure.

Find the right UPS system, with capacities from 800 to 10,000 VA, for protecting your IT equipment from power failures at Thomas-Krenn. Our systems are characterized by a high degree of security and flexibility. 

For home offices and smaller environments, we recommend our UPS systems using the line-interactive standard. These work silently and energy-efficiently and can power your devices for several minutes in the case of an outage. Our systems also offer surge protection for data and telephone lines.

Online or double conversion USP systems guarantee the greatest fail-safe reliability, even against frequency fluctuations in the grid. They supply outputs of up to 10,000 VA and can be flexibly supplemented with batteries. Outages times of up to two hours can be bridged in this way.

Protect your IT system from the consequences of a power outage with a UPS system from Thomas-Krenn. Our web-based UPS configurator will guide you to the right UPS system for your needs – whether you need a solution for a single server or multiple data centers. You can also review the UPS system's performance data and order it directly through our online shop.