Sistemi di storage
Hai bisogno di uno Storage Server? Qui da noi sei nel posto giusto. Offriamo una vasta gamma di prodotti di storage. Come d'abitudine questi prodotti si possono configurare nel nostro configuratore online, oppure il nostro personale qualificato rimane comunque a disposizione per fornire consigli utili e supporto pratico.

Servers by Application

These servers are optimized for use in specific areas. This ensures that your programs and applications will run optimally.

Server Low Energy
Server Low Energy
LES industrial
LES industrial
LES network
LES network

Which storage server for which application?

Our NexentaStor systems offer optimal performance for cloud storage and virtualization. Further advantages of this system include nearly unlimited storage capacity and file system sizes in addition to simple disk management and an unbeatable price. 

The NetApp series is aimed at high flexibility and strong performance and is therefore optimal for managing large data volumes. The NetApp E series has an easy to install, user-friendly architecture and provides seamless integration into applications like VMware, Exchange, SQL and Oracle Systems. The FAS series from NetApp, also part of our storage server category, offers efficient storage use and good scalability without interruptions. The type of environment, file or block-based, and scalability are key questions for finding the right system.

The JBOD drive expansion units, also known as shelves, are not functional on their own, but require an intelligent control unit, such as a server, heads or nodes. As usual, you can customize the systems in the storage server category. From 1 or 2-port connections, type of power supply or hard drive – you have the final call.

Another highlight can be found in our storage server category: products from Synology for centralized data backup. These high-performance, scalable and fully equipped network attached storage solutions are optimal for small and medium-sized companies as they simplify data management and centralize data protection. Synology's DiskStation Manager software allows you to easily expand your data capacities with our JBODs.

An increasing number of companies use software defined storage on affordable server hardware. The corresponding software products guarantee availability, performance and scalability. We are constantly expanding our portfolio in this dynamic area and cooperate with renowned and innovative manufacturers. Whether VMware Virtual SAN, SUSE Enterprise Storage or NexentaStor, StorMagic sVSAN or the open source system Ceph: All of them work seamlessly with the storage servers from Thomas-Krenn. 

Our partner FAST LTA provides products for cold storage and the secure, yet affordable archiving of your data that are used to protect important data in particularly sensitive areas, such as healthcare, thanks to their certifications.

Thomas-Krenn.AG offers not only the best storage servers for your company, but also a wide range of service products to ensure that you receive the help you need – for device repairs, replacements or to protect against data loss.

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