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State cercando un server tower conveniente? Qui è possibile trovare server tower a basso consumo energetico, a performance e dimensioni di memoria elevate. E grazie al basso rumore prodotto, sono ideali per l'utilizzo in ufficio Potete configurare il vostro server in base alle vostre preferenze e necessità.
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When should you buy a tower system?

  • If you are a small or medium-sized company with a modest IT budget. Usually, a tower server is enough when establishing a functional IT infrastructure.
  • If you would like to stay flexible. Tower systems are scalable, and an infinite number of them can be connected to the network depending on requirements – allowing for simple adjustments to your growing company structures. 
  • If you don’t have your own server room available. Tower systems can be placed practically anywhere, even directly in the work environment. High-quality components can ensure that the servers are quiet and energy-efficient. This keeps heat down and the room’s climate is not negative impacted. If quiet isn’t enough and the server needs to be extremely quiet, we recommend our silent servers.
  • If you are looking for a space-saving server. Our tower systems are not any bigger than conventional tower computers and can find space in nearly any office. If you value a particularly small tower system, we recommend our Microservers: Extremely small, quiet tower servers that can be stowed almost anywhere thanks to their compact dimensions. 
  • If fail-safe security and performance are important. Particularly in smaller companies, where tower systems represent the central IT hub, these are deciding factors. That is why many of our tower systems have redundant PSUs. This ensures that the server still has power even if one PSU should fail.

Help for selecting your tower system

Are you unsure if a tower server is the right system for your needs? Thanks to their compact proportions, our tower systems don’t need any more space than conventional PCs. The main difference is found inside the case: Our tower systems come loaded with high-quality server components. This makes them more powerful and longer-lasting than conventional tower PCs and they are built with 24/7 use in mind. With these guidelines, we want to help you decide if a tower system is the right solution for you. 

Configuration of your tower system

You can configure your tower server according to your exact needs in our online shop. Choose from numerous Intel processors, various RAM capacities and hard drive manufacturers and much more when configuring the ideal tower server for your applications. Our configurator gives you access to a wide variety of combinations. As with all of the other products in our online shop, the compatibility of our tower server components is guaranteed thanks to thorough advance testing in our laboratory.  If you have any questions about our tower systems, you can contact us at any time.

Also: Along with tower servers, our online shop offers numerous other systems such as rack servers, storage systems and workstations as well as PC and thin clients.