An overview of our awards

Over the years, Thomas-Krenn.AG has received awards at various competitions. Here you can view a short selection of the most important awards.


2017 German Data Center Award for Hot Fluid® Computing

A winner from the start: With Hot Fluid® Computing, Thomas-Krenn.AG took third place at the 2017 German Data Center Awards in the “Data center cooling & climate control” category. Thomas-Krenn entered the competition for the first time and was running against renowned data center suppliers and cooling technology companies in the category. The innovative liquid cooling concept that allows for heat recycling impressed the specialist panel of judges. The award has been recognizing new energy-efficient products and concepts in the data center sector since 2011.   


Thomas-Krenn awarded SUSE Innovation Award 2017

Every year, SUSE invites its partners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the SUSE Partner Summit. In 2017, the event also hosted the first ever SUSE Innovation Awards. It recognizes partners that successfully place SUSE products on the market. Thomas-Krenn received the award in the category for Enterprise Storage with its SUSE Enterprise Storage appliance. 

Thomas-Krenn.AG Nominated for "Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises"

1,127 medium-sized enterprises and individuals from Bavaria were nominated for the "Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises" in 2015 – and Thomas-Krenn.AG made the list once again. Since its inception in 1995, the prize has become one of the most important competitions for medium-sized enterprises. Thomas-Krenn.AG has been recommended annually since 2009 and this will be its seventh year being nominated.

Thomas-Krenn.AG wins Veeam Partner Award 2014

As part of the VeeamOn Forum in Frankfurt, Thomas-Krenn.AG was named "The Best SMB Partner of the Year" on June 9, 2015. The coveted award is given to companies that made notable contributions to Veeam's success over the past year.

Thomas-Krenn.AG Wins IT INNOVATION AWARD 2014

The award was handed out under the auspices of the BITMi for the eleventh time. The IT INNOVATION AWARD recognizes outstanding companies and start-ups in Switzerland, Germany and Austria across 41 categories. 5,000 applications were submitted this year. The panel of judges was made up of 100 IT experts, journalists, scholars and professors. The LES was recognized as an innovative, practical server solution in the Server/Virtualization category.

Bavarian Quality Award 2010 for Thomas-Krenn.AG

The Bavarian Quality Award is one of the highest awards that one can receive in Germany when it comes to recognizing quality of operations. The award was presented for the eighteenth time this year.
A key success factor of the audit was the statements from Thomas-Krenn.AG employees. These showed that quality is not just paid lip service, but a core element of the company's corporate philosophy – something that is also noticed by our customers.

On April 26, the E-commerce Competence Center for Eastern Bavaria named the winner of the Eastern Bavarian Web Site Awards 2010.

Thomas-Krenn.AG's website was crowned not only the best website for Eastern Bavaria, but beat out the competition from the other Bavarian regions as well.

In June, the NEG Website Awards honored medium-sized companies in the nationwide final for their outstanding websites.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Despite individuality and flexibility, certain processes have to be defined and complied with to maintain a constant high level of quality.
That is why Thomas-Krenn.AG not only performs regular internal audits, but is also externally audited as part of its ISO 9001:2008 certification.
With this continuous development process, all of our departments are constantly being put to the test while every employee also bears responsibility for optimally shaping the workplace.

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Thomas-Krenn.AG Places Second at 2008 Best Business Awards

As part of a celebratory gala event, Christoph Maier, former Executive Board member at Thomas-Krenn.AG, accepted the second place award on behalf of the company at the 2008 Best Business Awards for sustainable management at the Passau City Theater.
The patrons for the event were the former Bavarian Minister of Finance Erwin Huber, the Upper Austrian Minister of Economics Viktor Sigl and District Commissioner Dr. Jan Zahradnik for the district of South Bohemia. In the laudatory speech, the company's outstanding achievements in the areas of corporate development, employee integration and customer orientation were highlighted. Its efforts to "always go the extra mile to provide the customer with a positive surprise" impressed the expert panel of judges.

More information on the BBA is available here >>

3rd Place at "Best Business Award 2007"

"Best Business Award 2007" for sustainable corporate governance was presented for the eighth year in a row on October 18 in Český Krumlov.
Following an intensive examination of the submissions from companies in Eastern Bavaria, Upper Austria and Bohemia, the panel of judges selected the winning companies. Thomas-Krenn.AG was among these in the category for companies with 31 to 100 employees. The result shows that the company has continued its positive development.

More information on the BBA is available here >>

"Up-and-comer 2006" Thomas-Krenn.AG wins special award for start-ups from Lower Bavarian Savings Banks

Christoph Maier accepted the award from Sparkasse Bank Director Bumberger, which came with a prize of € 1,000. 
The company is known for its speed and can provide customers with individually configurable servers across Europe within 24 hours. Important note from Christoph Maier: "We want to remain in the Bavarian Forest."

"Business Oscar" 2004 for Thomas-Krenn Server Shop

The Junior Chamber members in Freyung-Grafenau voted the Thomas-Krenn Serverversand their Company of the Year.
Thomas Krenn and Max Wittenzellner received the "Business Oscar" in recognition of their efforts in building an international business from humble beginnings.
It all started with a vision to provide customers an online shop that was unique in its simplicity and speed. In 2002, online stores were the exception – and those that did exist were not known for their friendly customer-service and functionality. The idea was to design a server shop that was easy for customers to navigate and use.