Why Thomas-Krenn? - Speed & Flexibility



Quick Delivery

We understand that "time is money” for most businesses. That's why we are happy to handle customs for deliveries to non-EU countries, provide express deliveries or offer remote services and upgrades.



Round the Clock Support

Our support employees are here for your hardware at all times! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s service you can count on!


Special Solutions

We are happy to help you with your individual projects. Regardless of what you have planned, we will find an optimal solution – even if we have to develop it ourselves!


Live Chat

Quick responses are guaranteed with the live chat feature in our online shop. We are here for you!


Focus on Service

Fairness and speed are among the values that characterize our support employees. They’ll give you the help you need – quickly and without red tape!



If maintenance needs to be performed, you can choose when. We are flexible in our scheduling!



In addition to our open source monitoring tool TKmon, we also offer the Call Home service. This guarantees the fastest possible assistance should a malfunction occur.


Quick Quotes

We value your time. Thanks to our intelligent configurator, quotes for our servers take no time at all – which means you get the server you need as fast as possible!



Our servers can be upgraded at any time! Do you want to add more RAM or CPUs? That’s no problem at Thomas-Krenn. Flexibly adapt your systems to your needs as they arise!