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At Thomas-Krenn, you can find individual servers for any use scenario. Whether you are looking for specialized servers that are suitable for industry-specific software or are interested in topics such as virtualization or Ceph – you have landed in the correct category. We offer you free knowledge and a finely-tuned server for every application.

If you are looking for a standard solution here, you’ve clearly got the wrong address. That’s because Thomas-Krenn offers custom servers that meet your exact needs. There are no compromises at your expense. This is our promise to you – you can count on it!

Our Specialized Servers

Normal servers aren’t up to the task? How about our specialized servers for special requirements?

Server Low Energy
Server Low Energy
LES network
LES network
LES network+
LES network+
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A guide for the appropriate server selection

The search for the right server is not easy. Instead of listening to just your gut feeling, it is worth observing a few complex criteria. Depending on the application, many different components must be carefully considered.
With this guide, we hope to help you find the right server.

What do I need to know in advance?

Where will the server be kept?
What are the technical requirements?
Are certifications necessary?

You need to ask yourself these questions when buying a server. Should you require further information on these issues, our service technicians would be glad to help.

An overview of all server systems

Servers are as varied as their uses. Therefore, we have divided all products in our shop into categories. For each server you have an online configurator available, which allows you to put together the various components individually.

TK Special-purpose Servers

We are constantly on the search for individual server solutions for our customers. Our silent servers, for example, are ideal for use in an office.