Firewall Solution with the LES v2

Firewall Solution with the LES v2 

Optimized for pfSense

A central firewall protects your company's internal data. The LES v2 is ideally suited for such assignments. Numerous firewall software solutions are already on the market that offer outstanding security and help prevent data theft. Selecting the right software is an important step, as it will have a great influence on the security of your company's data and that of your customers.

If you want to sleep easily regarding unauthorized access to your sensitive data, we recommend running pfSense on the new mini-server LES v2.


Protecting Data – With the Open Source Software pfSense

We recommend the LES v2 in combination with the firewall software pfSense: The open source solution is considered particularly secure and stable since it is based on the proven operating system FreeBSD. Its simple installation makes the software particularly attractive to companies that have no IT specialists available (firewall know-how is still required). PfSense impresses with its performance, flexibility and high data throughput.

The LES v2 was tested with pfSense in order to ensure the best possible level of security. It is only possible to protect your sensitive data from unwanted network intruders when the technologies implemented are optimally configured and coordinated. The LES v2 with pfSense is equipped to do just that.

See for yourself and put its performance to the test!




Using the LES v2 as a Firewall

Use pfSense to set up your LES v2 as a firewall. This allows you to maintain the security of your information at the network level. A web interface provides a user-friendly means for configuring the open source firewall solution.

With the LES v2, we provide you with the perfect firewall hardware. Our experts have assembled a guide in the Thomas-Krenn wiki on this topic. It shows you how to set up your LES v2 as a firewall running pfSense. Benefit from the expertise of our technicians.

Protect your data and use the LES v2 as a firewall with pfSense!