Univention and the LES v2

Univention Corporate Server with the LES v2

Using Univention on the certified mini-server

Would you like to use the new LES v2 as a Univention Corporate Server (UCS)? No problem, thanks to the partnership between Thomas-Krenn and Univention. The LES v2 is specifically certified for the use of the server software and therefore offers optimal conditions for the use of the application.

The open source software brings your business many benefits: With Univention and the LES v2, you can easily manage your server landscape – the operating system and the applications available in the AppCenter are perfect for distributed, virtualized or heterogeneous environments.

Use your new LES v2 as a Univention Corporate Server and experience the benefits firsthand!


The Possibilities of Univention Corporate Server

As a management system, the LES v2 is easy to use – and with Univention the server becomes a real highlight: Benefit from the user-friendly management interface and uncomplicated operation of the server software. The App Center for operating and integrating your enterprise applications, a wide range of Active Directory features and compatibility with several operating systems make this an ideal system.

Configure your new LES v2 with the open source software Univention. For an integrated and cost-effective IT-infrastructure, this combination is unbeatable.

Buy your new server and benefit from the LES v2 as a management system.


Take Advantage of Consulting – Benefit from a New Server

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Benefit from our partnership with Univention: Thomas-Krenn and Univention work together to provide you with the best server for the open source software.

Try it yourself: Use the LES v2 with Univention Corporate Server!

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