Workstations for CATIA® Software

Workstations for CATIA® Software

High-performance hardware for CPU-intensive 3D-modeling

Those that design hydraulic systems or simulate movements with CATIA® software need something more than a standard PC: more graphics power, more processing power, more storage. In other words: a high-performance, CAD-optimized workstation from Thomas-Krenn.

When developing CATIA® optimized systems, we considered your individual needs as engineers and developers and selected a series of high-performance, individually configurable systems. All CAD workstations are perfectly adapted to different applications.

In this category, you will find our systems that are specially optimized for CATIA® mechanical engineering software. The software runs smoothly and fluidly on these high-quality CAD workstations!

CATIA® software offers many features: Users are able to model any product and even derive the corresponding two-dimensional drawings thanks to the 3D CAD features. A product development platform is also integrated into the CATIA® v5 software in addition to a social construction environment to support business intelligence. With CATIA® software, all design and construction processes can be greatly accelerated, leading to major savings for your business. The only thing you need to reap these benefits is a high-performance workstation tailored to the requirements of CATIA® software. Basic, performance and high-end options are all available – you're sure to find the right CAD hardware for your needs!

High-performance processors from Intel and NVIDIA graphics cards ensure that your demanding tasks are completed in record times. With the CATIA® optimized systems offered, we place a special emphasis on performance and low noise levels. This is vital to optimally supporting a company's design processes, rather than hindering them, when operating CAD workstations in offices.

The currently established version CATIA® v5, as well as the new version 6, can be run flawlessly on the hardware offered here. Give our experts the opportunity to impress you and buy your perfect CAD system for CATIA® today!

More information about CATIA® software can be found here.
You can view all of our CAD workstations here.

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Thomas-Krenn.AG supports municHMotorsports:

High-end hardware meets high-performance racing cars

As part of a cooperation with Thomas-Krenn.AG, municHMotorsport, the Formula Student team at the University of Munich, has the opportunity to use one of Thomas-Krenn.AG's new CAD workstations. It allows us to simulate the overall aerodynamic concept for our gas-powered model, the PW 9.15, and our electric car, the PWe 6.15, using various CFD tools. Furthermore, the cooling of the high-voltage battery and other car components can be designed for extreme situations on the racetrack with the aid of the workstation. This was not possible with the previous hardware. The requirements in terms of graphics performance and memory were only met by the Thomas-Krenn workstation.




Besides the creation of renderings and high-resolution images for our presentations and documentation, we use the workstation for the real-time networking and reverse engineering of 3D coordinate measuring. All of these applications give us the necessary edge to achieve top results in the highly-competitive engineering competition Formula Student.

The new high-end hardware from Thomas-Krenn.AG allows us to perfect our vehicles using state-of-the-art software tools, which is exactly what we need to compete among the elite levels of Formula Student.